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Monday, November 24, 2014

Did you know

Did you know every person who visits this page to read is remembered in my daily prayer . .You are dear and treasured and valued; not because you read the poetry but because your energy and presence tells me you need to hear this.. If ever you need a reminder of how important you are.. send me an email: I remind you.. Times get tough, I know it. .Holidays are tough times for survivors.

Guess what..?  You and I and everyone who has known some sorrow will get through it..You are valued and loved and special to me.. And if you don't find life hard.. reach out to someone who does...We are all one big enormous being of life ..though individual we are part of a whole . .when one cries ..we all feel it somehow .. even if we don't know it....

Even the plants and creatures and elements suffer when we suffer.. would that we could be so sensitive to one another..

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