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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Truth is...

I'm sitting here in the silence before the start up of the day
I can hear the birds a-chirping and they have so much to say
So many different melodies and so many soundings from the trees...
How many are the secrets that are carried  through the breeze

Countless flowing molecules are moving in and through our air
Invisible signs of providence and of an everlasting care
How magnificent is the Omnipotent One, who watches us from Above
He blows into our nothingness and creates everything out of love..

If we could count the instances that we felt we were all alone
We'd   find the supporting arms of One who has created us on His Own
Not for any tiny second of time or any moment, however brief or long
Would the Omnipotent release us from His care..
                         It  is what keeps us strong

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