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Thursday, October 16, 2014

There's a brokenness and an injury

There's a brokenness and an injury
that is crying out to all
It's coming to us from the nations
and from the many towns so small
It's challenging us from our comfortable-ness
and beckoning us to see
That it isn't so right to remain aloof
when there is so much tragedy...

I know peacefulness is honorable
and silence has its days
But words unspoken in some times
can be inviting lawless ways
We have to become the warriors.
the activists and the peace
But each one will have their moments
and none of these are the least

Choosing an action for the happening
and rising up to meet the need
Will show the world a selflessness
and drop down the silent seed
There isn't much need for boastfulness
for billboards or for wars
But there's always a need for a giftedness
and a  kindness such as yours...

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