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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The nightly news....

I cannot help but let these tear drops
water my blurry eyes
My spirit and my being, both are wanting,
to touch the majestic skies
Oh the anguish and the heartache
of seeing this world of ours so torn
We are forgetting and we are neglecting
the reason for which we're born.

Bombs are exploding and people are fighting:
the newscast is on overdrive
Oh what do we hope in and what is this madness
and how can we ever survive?
What is the reasoning and what is the intention:
behind the shedding of blood
My heart is all broken up; my knees are all wobbly:
and the oceans are readying to flood

Oh, can you not hear it: the cry of the universe;
how quickly we're destroying her years
This cannot be happening; this cannot be transpiring:
 we're causing her to  break down in tears
How can we continue it. how can we insist it:
 this demolition of the world that we know
If we will ponder it;  if we will listen to it;
we will hear what our spirit's needing to  know...


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