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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Oh, the beautifulness...

Oh the beautiful-ness and the blueness all across the sky
Not a cloud is willing to appear and  the birds serenely fly
There's a calmness and a peacefulness in the atmosphere today
Perhaps because I'm choosing to be the slow one along the way

I can taste the dainty sweetness in the wind that's touching my cheek
The purity of the breezes is what is challenging me not to speak
To be still inside of the frenzy and to be quiet inside the noise
Is what's allowing me to hear the echoes from the tiny violet's voice.

Oh to notice the things unnoticeable and to hear what others can't hear
It's required to be the silent one in the rush of the atmosphere
It's necessary to become the invisible, to become the stillness inside
To touch the mystery of invisible-ness that escapes the world outside.

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