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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Let it out

I know you have been broken
and carry a million different
painful memories inside
You have been wounded:
ever since you were a little child
you have wanted to run and hide
The monsters are gone now
but you are still needing to feel
you have that enormous safety net
Only the demon spirits of the yesterdays
are continuing to attack you
and wont let you forget

You have all of your needed weapons
and they are so buried deep down
inside of your being
They can assist you
in the removal of all of those flashbacks
that you have to keep on seeing
I am so sorry that
you have had to go through that stuff
when you were just a child so small
But I know that you are so special
and you have come out of it all
so much better than them all

So, now, if you are needing to be alone
and have the need to let out all
of those stored up tears
Do so now, my dear one and know that
that outpouring will be so much healing
for all of those painful years
You will be rejuvenated and re-elevated
by those flowing rivers
from deep down inside of you
Let out all of those heartaches,
those memories and those broken pieces
that keep on peeking through..


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