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Monday, October 27, 2014

Keep hoping...

Although you may be feeling  like you've been so utterly broken
And that no one is ever listening to the words that you have spoken
Know that you will not always be taken up with or feeling this  way
Because there's  something more for you: something much brighter
             coming your way

I know this for sure because I have also felt this way before
I have felt stomped on, beaten down and pushed out the door
There were times that I prayed:  "Lord just help me make it through the day"
And then found myself weeping because I couldn't seem to find my way

Oh the world can be so cruel, so heartless, and so very awfully untrue
But there is an army of good beings that are ready to reach out to you
Focus not on those negative nonsensers who will  push you so quickly away
But rather on those who will be your encouragers
                  and your constant light of day.

Keep hoping are loved..

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