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Monday, October 13, 2014

From the moment of our conception

Each one of us is a living temple
of the Greatest Being  Divine
We carry inside us precious cargo
and gems that will make us shine
No one can ever consider us
to be someone small or  less
Than the One Who's moving within us
and giving us our being-ness

Yes our mortality is so certain
and is giving us our frailties so true
But the Immortal and the Eternal
is giving us an Infinity that will renew
Our being and  our livelihood
and our totality that's inside
We are always in the act of becoming;
 this reality we cannot hide.

To the world we are always being sent out
with a mission that is so unique
It's not something we have ever asked for;
it's not something that we can seek
For from the moment of our conception
and from the moment we came to be
We were marked with our own calling
and our particular destiny

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