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Friday, October 31, 2014

Cool Whispering Winds..

Cool whispering winds  are blessing our day
Singing of winter and preparing its way
Soon it'll be frosty and so cold to the bone
Autumn leaves are falling; the geese have all flown.

Such a cool crispness speaks when we walk
The leaves have all fallen and are starting to  talk
They tell of their story and create some cool rhyme:
"walk with us our history and share with us your time"

Squirrels are all scampering and  searching about
"Seeds for the winter, and nuts" they all shout
Busy as the beavers and quicker than the bees
These furry little creatures are racing the breeze..

All of the universe and yes: you and me
Are preparing for the weather  we're waiting to see
Out with the skimpies and on with the wool
Away till the next time, our storage is now full..

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