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Monday, October 6, 2014

Before there is ever a hustle and bustle

Oh the harmony and the peacefulness
we see at the break of day
Before there is ever a hustle and bustle ;
serenity  has a way
Of inviting us all away from that stuff
that makes us move and move
Taking the moment to invite us all:
the morning  begins to soothe..

Yes there is, in life, so many things:
so many things that we have to  do
But nothing is ever accomplished well;
 if it we go in hurrying: it is true..
The speed of calm is more capable of producing
than that of the hurried way
So why don't we stop and breathe some more;
it'll improve the quality of our day

We become so caught up in the  whirlwind of they
and all that they're trying to do
That we forget that we are also individual souls
with our own needs and timing: it's true
We can surely be working together for something
and be pursuing together a common good
But we're  also needing to step apart
and take care of ourselves as we should..

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