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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

As you are

I can see you and I can understand you
and I can accept you as you are
You are precious and you are brilliant
and  you are shining like a star
Yes you are broken and you are imperfect:
 and you have flaws that others see
But you are you and you are becoming;
and you're the best that you can be

Let go of timelines; let go of have to's;
let go of things you're suppose to do
Accept the present; accept the moment
and accept the unfinished part of you
Things will be happening; doors will be opening;
and better news we'll come to hear
But we must be patient and we must be hopeful;
we must be willing to trust what's here

Take time each morning; time time each evening;
 take time to think throughout the day
You are so precious, you are so excellent;
you are the only one who can walk your way
Be truly grateful; be truly humbled
be truly enamored by who you are
There can be no  more comparisons; no more belittling:
you're the only you in near lands and far.

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