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Monday, September 29, 2014

You nations that notice...

Oh, all the running and the not knowing
Smoke is invading everywhere we're going
Out feet are so blistered and we are so  homeless
Does any care or does anyone take notice ...?

Our children are weeping and we are so tired
Watching the blasts fly from where they are fired
Wandering and roaming inside of this strange land
We are so frightened and so needing a hand...

Nowhere's a comfort and rough is our lodging
While incoming bullets we keep  on dodging
How do we explain it: this unfairness, this running:
Our children keep asking "why all of this gunning"?

What do we tell them these innocent beings
What is the reasoning behind all of our fleeings
How do you comfort them:  children so homeless
Tell us dear media and you nations that notice..

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