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Monday, September 22, 2014

What should we be doing?

The clouds, they cried out and showered the earth
The universe is needing a reviving rebirth
See how she's fainting and struggling below
The Heavens are singing: "our God loves you so"

Pounding the earth  the man made machines
Are disturbing the harmony: you know what I mean
The creatures are fearful; the elements are frayed
The angels are trembling. There's hatred displayed

There's people of faith. There's  people of good will
There isn't a struggle when the anger is still
But news and the media are playing up the fight:
The headlines are reading: "A great war's in sight"

So we ponder the reasons and we look to the skies
In every wind's  blowing some laughter and some cries
What should we be doing and what should we expect
Should we turn to the churches or arm and protect?

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