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Monday, September 8, 2014

Unspoken hurts

This broken heart keeps on bleeding quietly
Tears keep on falling but nobody can see
Years of the deep trauma kept tucked away
People are clueless because I won't ever say.

Smiling and laughing, it's so hard to believe
Traumas I've been through, hurts I've received
Hiding my woundedness;  it won't ever show through
Only the angels can know of it and a select chosen few..

How many are the wounded that walk on our streets?
We gaze on them daily but we won't ever meet
Carrying their brokenness beneath all that they do
We feel their deep loneliness; yes,  it pierces us through

What are the best remedies,  the cures for our blindness?
People are crying  out but we are tight with our kindness
Some how we're comforted  in  not knowing the wounded?
We find so many excuses for not including the excluded ..

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