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Monday, September 1, 2014

The night cried out....

The night cried out about all the day's broken people:
The outcast and the lame and those who are treated as unequal.
She shook inside her silence and wondered through the darkness:
Is there anyone who can remedy all the earth's unruly harshness?

The angels softly whispered as they hovered  with great pity:
Is there anyone to stop this overtaking of every city?
Machinery and missals are moving about with so much hatred
People are in a panic because of wars they label sacred...

The seas and all the  elements are gathering together:
"If we don't shake them up they won't be changing ever..."
And so we see the whirlwinds and the quaking earth break open
The  Eternal One cries out but we  act like He hasn't spoken

How long will we all continue in this act of self destruction
We who are all one family are such strangers to discussion
The answer for every problems lies in the bombs we're dropping?
Then why are there so many homeless and so many sounds of sobbing??

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