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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Releasing my abuser

You thought that you had broken me but you only strengthened me
Though I might have seemed so helpless I'm now strong as I can be
You with all of your  craziness and with all of your nonsense ways
Had only showed me truly that you're not the keeper of my days.

You tried to be so discouraging and you tried with all your might
To shake me from my hoping in a place of love and light
But you with all of your efforts were  not  able to succeed
For I'm still holding on to hoping that I'll have everything I  need...

The things that you were doing were never right to me at all
You were busy creating drama and trying to make me fall
But you will see the consequences for those who are so unkind
I give you to the angels and I have released you from my mind..

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