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Friday, September 5, 2014

It's necessary and needed

I touched the sky that was touching the ground
And tasted the dew drops that were floating around
I heard all of the whispering that was moving the wind
And listened to the sunrise announcing morning again.

I heard the soundings that moved through the trees
And listened to the scampering carried by the breeze
The ruffling of the plant-lets, the branches, and the leaves
Moved me to places that no one else ever sees

The lighting of light bulbs and the fizzling of wires
Is preceding the "rituals"  that daily transpire
The rat race of running and the going here and there
Is all part of that working world seen every where...

Another good morning  and another good day
There aren't many  moments till we're off on our way
So it's  necessary and needed to start off quite slow
For once we get going's  about the running you know...

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