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Friday, September 26, 2014

It seemed like things weren't really going your way

I saw you as you were crying the other day
It seemed like things weren't really going your way
And though I didn't make an effort to speak to you
I could sense inside me all you were going through

I wanted so much to say  that I fully understood
And that the energies around you were not so good
But I simply watched you as you were crying from my post
And thought of what I could do to help you the most

So I took my pen in my hand and I started to rhyme
About things that mattered and were worth some time
I was thinking of you and how much you had bitterly cried
And knew words of comfort would be the best applied

Yet, something inside me shook  me up to my core
For I knew your brokenness was oozing out of every pore
And I felt so very helpless before such a sight
I was wanting to help you but was frozen with fright

Frightened that my words might simply wound you more
OR trigger the oceans withinm you to leave their sturdy floor
So I whispered to my angels about all of  my fears within
And said "Please help her", over and over and over again.

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