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Sunday, September 7, 2014

In everything that is around us

Breathe in all of the peacefulness of this brand new day
For so much beauty and so much mystery is waiting along the way
Quietly beneath the powdery puffs floating across the sky
Is an echo of Eternity in everything that's passing by.

The colorfulness of the warming sun. The golden beams it sends
Gives the world a peacefulness it so rarely comprehends
The softness of a gentle breeze or the roughness of the storms
Gives messages to all of us mortal ones in so many different forms

We have only to be more open to all of the createdness around
And take some time to listen to the world's multifaceted sound
For in everything that is around us and in everything that is
Is found the imprint of the One who can give us endless happiness

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