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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Did you even see me.......?

             For all the nameless souls who walk our streets...

Did you even see me while I was walking down the street
You didn't stop to speak; because we wouldn't ever meet..
And the traffic all around was creating endless sound
No commonality was found: I was fixated on the ground

Did you notice me over there? I was standing all alone
In that crown so full blown ..being quiet like a stone
Not knowing what to do, afraid of looking up: it is true
You simply passed on through.. what else was there to do..?

I was struggling every day and people passed me by the way
No one ever stopped to say something like:...have a nice day
But rather in all their hurry no one ever noticed my worry
Taken up with endless scurry people walked on with eyes so blurry....

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