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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The rumble of silence

Soft is the silence that is whispering to me
Its whispering and singing a sweet melody
Encouraging and supporting all that I can  be
Silence is the passport that opens Eternity

The noises of nature are uplifting its true
But rumbles of silence are thought provoking too
Invading the spaces that are deep down inside
The echo of silence will point out all our pride..

The onset of motion with all of its activity
May blind us to  wisdom that the silent ones sees
So we have to be pausing and we have to be still
If we would tap into that silence that refreshes the will

It has its own language and it has its own time
It motivates the artist and gives poetry its rhyme
It speaks to us clearly though words are not heard
If we listen in silence the soul will become word...

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