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Saturday, August 9, 2014

The most valuable hasn't a tag

Can we not begin to see it: that the most valuable hasn't a tag?
Everything we should be grasping for can't give us a reason to brag
But we are so very blinded and  are so often ruled by "what they say"
We run after the most spectacular and push the most humbling  away..

How can we not ever comprehend it:  this sacred wisdom of the blest
They live  each day so humbly and are not driven like all the rest
Many have called them crazy ones and have labeled them as unsound
But they are the most unselfish ones: the happiest people around...

When everything on earth has ended and every actions has ceased to be
When everything we have thought we needed disappears into infinity
We will stand there in the silence before an endless angelic throng
And wonder if we will be counted among those who sing their song...

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