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Sunday, August 31, 2014

People cry because of war

Tears are rolling down my eyes
As I search the bright blue skies
People crying  because of war
Mother earth is wounded sore.

Will we see; but, all too late?
Must we continue in our hate?
Why do continue in our fight
From the morn till late at night?

Ruthless men with covered face,
Claim to be of a chosen race.
Riding on, with robes of black:
A smell of death is in their track

Beyond my mind and piercing deep:
Visions of homeless haunt my sleep.
Waking up to songs of endless "why"
Why the killing: why, why, why?

Is there something we must learn?
Is there something we need to discern?
The reasoning behind our lack of trust
Is that man is selfish below the crust.

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