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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Crying out from every creature

Crying out from every creature and
whispering through the blowing breeze
The Creator of the Universe
is going to speak through plants and trees
Riding on throughout the whirlwinds
and echoing out throughout the seas
We have caught a glimpse of the Endless One
and have tasted His Eternity

For He who has been forever-ness
and has never known space or time
Has inspired the heart with creativity
and has emerged through simple rhyme
Challenging the heart of the participant
who will digest each and every word
To contemplate the utter and utmost uniqueness
that is hidden inside plant and bird

It is never for the quick and superficial one,
never  for the one without time
For the Infinite cannot be lassoed into
some limited space or handled by the un-sublime
For He is an Eternity of Endlessness;
a Vastness of unmeasured time and space
The Omnipotent is the Essence of everything that is
The Molecular bindingfor air and grace

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