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Saturday, August 30, 2014

A voice from the warzone

Sleep's escaped me once again and my heart is full of fear
The sound of distant machine guns is drawing ever near
All around me, all that fighting, that's flashing on the news
Is for me a constant reality: I couldn't escape it, if I choose

Each morning another bomb shell explodes across the way
And I gaze upon my family wondering if we'll last another day
Why is that everyone's fighting and what can we gain from war
People are left in terror and thousands are wounded sore.

The governing bodies of people who say they care for us
Are really the reason we're warring, instigators of all this fuss
People are drenched in puddles made red by their own blood
While thousands of displaced families to peaceful nations flood

Can't there ever exist a moment or a year that we won't fight
Homeland's are becoming deserts, households vanish from sight
Everyone keeps on claiming to be  some kind of warrior  for God
Yet everywhere I can see bodies: lifelessness where ever  I trod..

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