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Sunday, August 31, 2014

People cry because of war

Tears are rolling down my eyes
As I search the bright blue skies
People crying  because of war
Mother earth is wounded sore.

Will we see; but, all too late?
Must we continue in our hate?
Why do continue in our fight
From the morn till late at night?

Ruthless men with covered face,
Claim to be of a chosen race.
Riding on, with robes of black:
A smell of death is in their track

Beyond my mind and piercing deep:
Visions of homeless haunt my sleep.
Waking up to songs of endless "why"
Why the killing: why, why, why?

Is there something we must learn?
Is there something we need to discern?
The reasoning behind our lack of trust
Is that man is selfish below the crust.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

A voice from the warzone

Sleep's escaped me once again and my heart is full of fear
The sound of distant machine guns is drawing ever near
All around me, all that fighting, that's flashing on the news
Is for me a constant reality: I couldn't escape it, if I choose

Each morning another bomb shell explodes across the way
And I gaze upon my family wondering if we'll last another day
Why is that everyone's fighting and what can we gain from war
People are left in terror and thousands are wounded sore.

The governing bodies of people who say they care for us
Are really the reason we're warring, instigators of all this fuss
People are drenched in puddles made red by their own blood
While thousands of displaced families to peaceful nations flood

Can't there ever exist a moment or a year that we won't fight
Homeland's are becoming deserts, households vanish from sight
Everyone keeps on claiming to be  some kind of warrior  for God
Yet everywhere I can see bodies: lifelessness where ever  I trod..

Friday, August 29, 2014

Isn't there any justice?

Tears were streaming down her eyes
As she searched the star struck skies
Why were things so brutally hard
Why was she the only one scarred

Day after day she was pondering: "why"
Justice seemed a fable:  Should she even try?
Evil's rewarded with a sweet release
She is so sleepless and seeking some peace.

Those who have promised her: where are they?
Years keep on passing her along her way..
Isn't there a lawyer who will really care
A champion of justice found anywhere?

Thus she's been thinking since 2009
"My time is about to come: I'm next in line"
But justice is dragging and favoring the wrong
"Isn't there any justice" is her consistent song...

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tiny droplets of dew

Tiny droplets of dew are dancing across the sky
They fall upon the  earth to dazzle you and I
By putting shine to beauty that's everywhere around
They magnify the colors making them easier to be found..

Quiet sprinkles of moisture that quickly disappear
These dew drops of the morning do so much while they are here
By bringing out the brilliance of every living thing
These little sprinkles of water are helping creation sing

Like the littlest of dew drops that never make a sound
We can help each other and boost up the fallen down
By quietly being that supporter in another's broken day
So that they can return that sparkle for another's way

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

From darkness to dawn

Hushed are the moments and silent the sound
Darkness has descended and night's all around
Moonlight is shining, nocturnal creatures crawl
Whispers of the angels are covering us all...

Rest for the weary, refreshment for the earth
Hours of the evening are rejuvenating for sure
Mysteries are occurring while no one's in sight
Unspoken the actions that occur in the night

Morning's approaching with warm golden beams
Quietly dawn enters and interrupts all our dreams
With whispers of angels who are telling us to arise
Gone is the darkness and the sleeps from our eyes..

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Taking it all in ....

The sky above is purest blue and the air is crisp and still
The whole entire universe is awakening to  God's will
The songs of all the created ones are echoing all around
The beauty of the waking earth is everywhere to be found.

The gentle glow of the rising sun is warming us deep within
Whispering wisps of a subtle breeze is encouraging us to begin
The drawn out journey of our day with all of its things to do:
Is ready to come alive for us; we have only to begin: it's true

Taking the time to listen and to really soak in the sound
Creates a sense of healing that no other physician has found
The doses of nature we take in are never prescribed on script
But the results are amazingly wonderful:  we cannot contradict..

Monday, August 25, 2014

The real war is within

There are many types of violence and many types of war
There are enemies we are fighting and those we're looking for
But the greatest acts of violence and the greatest acts of shame
Are from  those who rob one's freedom and also rob one's name

We can pull away our military and we can pull away our guns
But if we don't remove our hatreds we aren't benefiting anyone
For the many acts of violence and the many acts of shame
Are finding source and  fueling from ideologies so  insane

So we have to fight our thinking and we have to fight our prejudice
We have to start removing the inner landmines that we miss
For we are capable of the noblest and we are capable of the lowest
We can only change this world once we have  remove the wrongs unnoticed

Sunday, August 24, 2014

No one wins in war

Broken people are everywhere
All their voices fill  the air
Creating sorrow in the sky
All the angels are asking why

Smokey clouds are rising high
Children and the elderly cry
Battles fought are never won
Can't you see this everyone?

Blood is flowing: crying out
Every rock is starting to shout
Peace on earth: where has it gone?
Eyes are strained to see the dawn

Wars continue: Wonder why..
Helpless victims  weep and cry...
Greed and hatred  ripping lands
Enemies of peace   joining hands

Friday, August 22, 2014

Morning's calling...

Swirling winds are whispering
Time to rise and time to sing
Humming sounds fill up the air
Angel guides are everywhere

Sounds of nature bright and pure
Call the heart and do allure
Every creature to that place
Where the Eternal has a space

No more sleeping time to rise
Is the echoing from the skies
Work is waiting; life is too
Morning's calling: so much to do..

Crickets slumber; ants arise
Birds are singing out replies
Trees and greenery all around
Greet the world with quiet sound

We're all so invited; yes we are
To bask beneath the morning star
While dawn's replacing passing night
We can become enamored with light

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Be wiser than the worldly minded

Some may shake your hand and  also look  you in the eyes
They'll promise you protection and also promise you the skies
But once they are apart from you they're spreading  all the  lies
Such is the  betrayal that the Heavenly choir decries

Someone may take your money and may  promise to invest
But something in their actions spurs Divinity to protest
They're using all your money and are squandering it away
You only find it out when you've got nowhere  else to stay

So the moral to this message is spelled out to you in rhyme
Be slow to give your money and label  friendships over time
For   greedy ones are the quickest to be taking things away
While the slowest in the giving when requesting comes their way..

It takes only one wounding...

I have been so broken: so broken in two
By people I've trusted and opened up to
But now that I'm healing: I am so   afraid
That malice is lurking beneath kindness portrayed

It takes only one wounding:one trauma so deep
To keep a heart bleeding and unable to sleep
Too many people with agendas of their own
Have squandered my confidence: so easily shown

So now I am so careful and  cautious as can be
Afraid that I might be taken or misled foolishly
I really  want to become  able to trust as I should
But yesterdays memories have scarred me for good.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The rumble of silence

Soft is the silence that is whispering to me
Its whispering and singing a sweet melody
Encouraging and supporting all that I can  be
Silence is the passport that opens Eternity

The noises of nature are uplifting its true
But rumbles of silence are thought provoking too
Invading the spaces that are deep down inside
The echo of silence will point out all our pride..

The onset of motion with all of its activity
May blind us to  wisdom that the silent ones sees
So we have to be pausing and we have to be still
If we would tap into that silence that refreshes the will

It has its own language and it has its own time
It motivates the artist and gives poetry its rhyme
It speaks to us clearly though words are not heard
If we listen in silence the soul will become word...

Monday, August 18, 2014

Don't be so hard on yourself

So you feel you're imperfect and not like the rest?
Something inside you  won't heed your request ?
You're wanting to function with wholeness and grace
But your mind keeps on struggling; you're all over the place

Others may seem  luckier and  never have to fuss
But you keep on struggling:  finding it so hard to trust
You're measuring your greatness by other's success?
You mustn't keep doing this: let's give it a rest...

The weaknesses you're  seeing aren't  bad as they seem
All of us are imperfect:  you know what I mean?
You're struggling; you're broken;  you're feeling so low:
Disability's a challenge; but nothing more: don't you know..?

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Is there any.......?

Is there any honesty?
Is there any purity?
Is there any truly free?
Is there any; is there any?

Is there any democracy?
Is there any consistency?
Is there any unity?
Is there any, is there any?

Is there any humility?
Is there any charity?
Is there any humanity?
Is there any; is there any?

Is there any more to see?
Is there any individuality
Is there  any originality?
Is there any; is there any?

Is there any more equality
Is there any hope for  "we"
Is there chance you'll answer me?
Is there any; is there any?

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Only God

There is only One who will sustain us all
One who can hear us whenever we call
One who knows our deepest thoughts
There is only One who'll uphold our cause

Though all may leave us this One will stay
Though mountains fall He'll clear the way
There's One  Who Is and Always Will Be
Forever the same: here and in Eternity

Many will promise us but only One is true
In every moment and every hour passing through
Only in His Word and inside His lasting grace
Can we find peace and the truest  resting place

We call Him God but others call Him differently
No matter His name He responds consistently
To all of His people and to all of His creativity
God is the same without any sign of partiality...

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Crying out from every creature

Crying out from every creature and
whispering through the blowing breeze
The Creator of the Universe
is going to speak through plants and trees
Riding on throughout the whirlwinds
and echoing out throughout the seas
We have caught a glimpse of the Endless One
and have tasted His Eternity

For He who has been forever-ness
and has never known space or time
Has inspired the heart with creativity
and has emerged through simple rhyme
Challenging the heart of the participant
who will digest each and every word
To contemplate the utter and utmost uniqueness
that is hidden inside plant and bird

It is never for the quick and superficial one,
never  for the one without time
For the Infinite cannot be lassoed into
some limited space or handled by the un-sublime
For He is an Eternity of Endlessness;
a Vastness of unmeasured time and space
The Omnipotent is the Essence of everything that is
The Molecular bindingfor air and grace

Summer is almost through

Cooler weather  breezes are whispering through
Announcing that summer is almost through
Hearing the soundings of the incoming Fall:
Is changing the color tones for the universe and all..

Sounds of the summer are starting to fade
While the approaching colors are being displayed
Time to make ready for much cooler times
For Autumn has her rhythm and has her own rhyme.

Creatures are  creeping and readying for change
Their patterns are now twisted  and then rearranged
For the sights of the feathered ones  flying away
Has told them that their summer can no longer stay..

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What is it we are becoming?

The heavens are crying deeply the earth is wounded sore
People are fighting people and are engaged in constant war
Rising up in many numbers:  the homeless on the street
Countries are in turmoil:   can you see their tired feet...?

What is it we are wanting: why must we fight and fight?
Headlines speak of destruction: weeping through the night
All this speaking of conquering and taking over of lands
Leaves the world to wonder at the power in "their hands"

Is there hope for endings of all of these wars and hate
Is there any remedies for all these headlines as of late
What is it we are becoming in this wonderful world of ours?
Are we becoming an eye sore to the Creator of all the stars...?

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

So precious the sprinkling...

There's a sparkle in every raindrop that is captivating as can be
In every one of those droplets is an infinite source of eternity
The sounding of its presence is like a humming angelic choir
The peacefulness of the rain fall can be soothing and inspire..

Many a poet and artist have captured its weathering sound
The appearance of its droplets cry out from the thirsty ground
Something about the newness that comes from its subtle touch
Stirs up the creative juices and gives birth to so very much...

It takes only a single moment for the rain  to give some shine
It transform the dull and dusty into some collectible so divine
Carrying the needing molecules for each and every thing
Rain is that precious sprinkling that gives creation the will to sing

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Pure Gift

The skies are opening up and the sun is burning bright
The darkness no longer lingers;  gone from us: the night
All of the sleeping creatures are waking up anew
Rising up from their slumber touched by morning dew

The feathery ones are singing their peaceful melodies
Squirrels and rabbits are nibbling some tasty niceties
Insects from every genre are passing here and there
Carrying all of their treasures getting ready to share

The morning is so delightful and  is sparkling all around
In everything that is created is an un-created sound
From the Great Eternal Who has willed it all to be
Aren't we all so indebted to this Infinite Deity..?

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The most valuable hasn't a tag

Can we not begin to see it: that the most valuable hasn't a tag?
Everything we should be grasping for can't give us a reason to brag
But we are so very blinded and  are so often ruled by "what they say"
We run after the most spectacular and push the most humbling  away..

How can we not ever comprehend it:  this sacred wisdom of the blest
They live  each day so humbly and are not driven like all the rest
Many have called them crazy ones and have labeled them as unsound
But they are the most unselfish ones: the happiest people around...

When everything on earth has ended and every actions has ceased to be
When everything we have thought we needed disappears into infinity
We will stand there in the silence before an endless angelic throng
And wonder if we will be counted among those who sing their song...

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

There is at every moment a turning point for me..

There is at every moment a turning point for me
I have so many choices before my mind so free
Will I be the just one: the warrior bold and brave
Or will I be the coward: refuse to fight and save?

Each decision I am making will testify for me:
Am I the evil doer, or the champion bold and free?
Will I free the burdened, set the records straight;
Or will my every action label me as "too late"?

I am the sole protector of these treasures deep inside
Will I keep them glowing or barter them for some pride
Can I keep my foothold or will I fall from love
The enemy is deceptive but greater is One Above.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

is there any justice in the court of law?

You claim to be a defender of the rights of all
Yet beneath that justice collar a greediness does crawl
Compromising everything you promised to defend
You switch over your alliances: the enemy befriend..

Is there any justice in the court of law
The lawyers who are battling decide the final call
By appearance: a simple hearing that hasn't come to be
But we all know the outcome has been discussed over tea..

I'm a struggling victim whose been waiting many years
Is there any justice?  I've been  drowning in my tears ...
I'm needing legal heroes: some people who aren't afraid
Are there any lawyers whose priority isn't ......,being paid

Monday, August 4, 2014

Courageous warrior ...

Courageous warrior for the world
Peace is in that banner unfurled
Shouting out your battle cry:
Love and live and don't deny...

Worldly weapons you never see
No bulky tanks or artillery
But rather lyrics from your song
Are the rounds you bring along.

While armies scamper here and there
You are seen to kneel in prayer
Peace on earth: good will to man
You plead, you bargain best you can

All the world could stop the hate
And stay the hands that are irate
But we are selfish, full of greed
We're not wanting to bend or cede

Remove the blinders from our eyes
And use the wisdom from the skies
To change the patterns of our ways
And move the darkness from our days.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Opposing sides

There is a song that is flowing now
and it is flowing out to the sea
It speaks of love and it speaks of hate
and it speaks of how these disagree

There are these souls who live in love:
oh how they are sparkling like the sun
And there's those who will hate and hurt
and these are the deceivers of everyone

There is the breeze of truth and strength
it is blowing through life and through all
And then there is darkness who will lie and shout
And distract the good till they fall..

There is in life  the good and the bad
And these the opposites are never one
The good are those who will act with love
While the bad are those who are most spoken of

Friday, August 1, 2014

Even stones can talk

The music of the universe how sweet it is to hear
So many different voices filling up the atmosphere
Every kind of creature and every kind of voice
Sounding in the breezes removing all the voids..

Hear the moving molecules loaded with their sound
Riding on the miracles of life that are around
Inside the  motionless minerals of the aging rocks
Millions are heard echoing: even stones can talk

It takes a silent spirit, with an openness of mind
To push beyond the boundaries restricted  by our time
Reaching beyond the cosmos to talk with the Divine
Every human spirit can transcend  the laws of time