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Monday, July 28, 2014

While we are healing our hurts

There is so much beauty and there is so much loveliness
and there is an array of so many good things
Yet, we have been so wounded and we have been so lied to
we have experienced so many painful stings...
How is it even possible to see through this brokenness
to see all those signs of hope that are everywhere
We have to be willing to and we have to be open to
trying a newness in a  new atmosphere.

Tomorrow is a new day and tomorrow is another chance
to embrace all those potentials just waiting to be
We don't have to be sorrowing inside all this awfulness
if we are willing to : we can become truly free:
Free from those hurting times free from those memories
free from those upsets others have carelessly caused
So let us be striving now and let us be letting go
we can be resuming all that  tragedy had paused..

Oh hear  all those silent ones and hear all those ancient ones
how they are applauding us in our every attempt
Yesterday is all over now and the future is still not here
thus we have only today to embrace and to apprehend
It won't be so easy and it won't  be so difficult
but it will be what we allow it to truly be
Healing  or sorrowing; laughing or crying out
we will be the decisions makers in all : indeed

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