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Friday, July 25, 2014

Oh, the mystery of life

Oh, the mystery of life how much there is to know
All around us and in everything is One who helps us grow
From the least and most insignificant to the greatest of all minds
The thread of the Almighty is there to hold together mankind

So why is it that we pull apart and push each other down
When we have been so knit together like the fibers of a gown
It wasn't ever meant to be like this  warring and this hate
We have turned this masterpiece into a lifelong hateful debate

Each one of us are all a part of this one entire whole
Yet many of us are pulling apart the universe's inner soul:
Not knowing that our happiness depends on the happiness of all
We are all apart of this family every one of us:  great and small.

If one is sad know that the whole world is wounded.....

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