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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Oh the melodies of the morning...

Oh the melodies of the morning and the symphony outside
Any one is able to hear them  and no one will be denied
The twittering of the winged ones and the smiling of the sun
Announces the day is broken and is welcoming everyone

To see the softest of sparkles and taste the morning dew
The spirit of the Living One must be deep inside of you
The flittering and the fluttering of the worldly restless one
Will never allow you to notice  the wonders Eternity's begun...

Oh hear them as they're singing the many insects in parade
The early sun has touched them, their gratitude is not delayed..
The squirrels, they are so happy and they freely will jump and play
They're eager for this brand new morning and for this brand new day..

The waving trees and branches and the swaying blades of grass
Give a silent sounding welcome from their flowing spiritual mass
It's only with all of thus  universe and with  the Eternity  above
That we can truly appreciate and learn to live our lives in love..

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