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Friday, July 4, 2014

No one is whole....

Look at me: I'm not so perfect; but I can continue to do my thing
I fall, I smile, I laugh and I cry and will even find time to sing
It isn't important that I'm not "all that"; oh no, it isn't at all
What is important is that I  keep getting up - each time that I might fall.

You see me smiling and so full of cheer and think I must have it made
But what you're missing is what's inside: the hurts I haven't yet displayed
I keep them all hidden and out of sight but they're so much a part of me
The things I do and understand are coming from such a  history...

Each one of us; yes, you and I and all of the many people here or there
Have a side that everyone can see and one which they'll never share...
So it's so important to be so sensitive and to find it in our heart to always be
The person who's not going to judge or point whenever there is  frailty...

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