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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Moment of Grace

There is a healing in the air that swirls around us to and fro
It whispers wholeness, life and hope: some wheres we can go..
From the Heavens, the Almighty Height, the angel bands will come
Carrying ointment and the maps for those who are wanting some

See the rush of glowing ones as they are bending Heavens place
To allow the flow of sacredness and to fill our hearts with grace
The peace and calmness of that place will take over all we are
If we are willing to let it in: we'll sparkle brighter than a star.

O see the moments as they come with silence:  their guarding one
Without a word or trumpet blast they''ll whisper what God has done
All of the wonder of the world and all of the greatness of God's love
Are united inside of this unique encounter with the Eternal Above

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