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Thursday, July 17, 2014

It isn't enough to...

It isn't enough to say "amen"
or to dress up in your Sunday's very best
It isn't enough to bow to the east
or wear a thousand chains across your breast
There's something more you could be doing...
something more you could show around:
A kindness that is so full of love
and a heart ever willing to be sought and found

Sometimes we can all get caught up inside
with the shine and show of things outside
But it is the glow of the Eternal One
that will help move the emotions others hide
So let us all always strive to be.
wherever we may be going: whether: here or there:
A shining light; a beacon of hope;
a person whose willing to love and share.

It isn't always the loudest one
or the noisiest preacher who comes across the screen
That can change the heart or soul inside
but the person with love: if you know what I mean
For despite the preaching and the propaganda galore
there's still a large amount of war and  hate
It's not the preaching or  the booklets galore;
 that will move our hearts before it's too late...

We need love...

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