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Saturday, July 12, 2014

All that I'm needing has been given to me ....

All that I'm needing has been given to me
Though I may not be living in the greatest luxury
A roof and some clothing and some air to breathe
These gifts I have been given and  gladly receive

A few friends and some creatures give joy to my day
The beautiful universe has so very much to say
Good weather and the elements and the blessings galore
I have all that I'm needing: who could be asking for more

Clean water that is carrying the breath of God's love
Is echoing a wisdom that is flowing  from above
White clouds, that are puffy and the dark ones with rain
Reminds me that there will be healing and there will be pain

Every one of the minutes of every one of my days
Carries to me a clear reason for my heart to give praise
To the Omnipotent and The Eternal and Creator of all
I give praise and acknowledgement each time I recall..

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