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Thursday, July 31, 2014

The truth ...

Some will smile before your face
Then dethrone you all over the place
Some will claim they have your back
But wave some "green" they leave the track

For you, the true ones, I love you
Despite the nonsense, you're always true
No amount of money or promise of fame
Can change your loyalty you are the same..

It is so hard to believe that others will
Become a "judas" for some thrill
But truth comes out again and again
That few remain once they  begin..

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

No cry goes unnoticed

Teardrops falling from your eyes
Creates a rumbling in the skies
Cruelty given never stays
Hidden beneath the passing days.

Heaven gathers to its Throne
Sighs and wimpers done alone
Angels carry upon their wings
All the hurts and all the stings

Though it seems to never end
And you feel you have no friend
There is One who always sees
The scars that form from words so mean

In an instant and in   time
Healing comes like dew sublime
Righting wrong with strokes of fate
Karma  comes to  all who hate

Monday, July 28, 2014

While we are healing our hurts

There is so much beauty and there is so much loveliness
and there is an array of so many good things
Yet, we have been so wounded and we have been so lied to
we have experienced so many painful stings...
How is it even possible to see through this brokenness
to see all those signs of hope that are everywhere
We have to be willing to and we have to be open to
trying a newness in a  new atmosphere.

Tomorrow is a new day and tomorrow is another chance
to embrace all those potentials just waiting to be
We don't have to be sorrowing inside all this awfulness
if we are willing to : we can become truly free:
Free from those hurting times free from those memories
free from those upsets others have carelessly caused
So let us be striving now and let us be letting go
we can be resuming all that  tragedy had paused..

Oh hear  all those silent ones and hear all those ancient ones
how they are applauding us in our every attempt
Yesterday is all over now and the future is still not here
thus we have only today to embrace and to apprehend
It won't be so easy and it won't  be so difficult
but it will be what we allow it to truly be
Healing  or sorrowing; laughing or crying out
we will be the decisions makers in all : indeed

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Empty promises

The spirit has started crying out and the soul is in distress
Too many active moments have left the  heart  in emptiness
Slow down your fragile being  and be still within your mind
For silence wants to speak to you of mysteries you can find.

It is not a true necessity a must have on your list
To risk your inner happiness for some fabricated bliss
For everything that is tangible and created for a time
Can pass away so quickly and leave you searching for some rhyme.

There's nothing more invaluable more priceless than the soul
Yet too often we have gambled it for some hint of higher role
How quickly we discover that all the glow of  promising fame
Can only bring  a luster that is so degrading to our name.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Oh, the mystery of life

Oh, the mystery of life how much there is to know
All around us and in everything is One who helps us grow
From the least and most insignificant to the greatest of all minds
The thread of the Almighty is there to hold together mankind

So why is it that we pull apart and push each other down
When we have been so knit together like the fibers of a gown
It wasn't ever meant to be like this  warring and this hate
We have turned this masterpiece into a lifelong hateful debate

Each one of us are all a part of this one entire whole
Yet many of us are pulling apart the universe's inner soul:
Not knowing that our happiness depends on the happiness of all
We are all apart of this family every one of us:  great and small.

If one is sad know that the whole world is wounded.....

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I can't breathe......

The air arrests my lungs and I find it hard to breathe
Today the oxygen level seems so much less I do believe
Something in its layering and something that's not there
Causes my heart to beat like its reacting with despair.

I need to quiet my being and allow my blood to flow
So that my energy levels won't become so terribly low
I breathe in all of the stillness and silence that I find
In order to nourish my spirit and tranquilize my  mind.

The movement of the hours into the  brand new day
Captivates my spirit in the most poetic way
I find myself emerging despite the thickening air
Into the resolution of seeing beauty everywhere.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Your heart may be broken and your eyes run with tears...

Your heart may be broken and your eyes run with tears
You may even have to struggle to resist all those fears
But know that you're stronger than all you will endure
Trust in your spirit when those temptations allure.

The road hasn't been easy and your days have been long
Things you've been planning  have turned out so wrong
But know this for certain that there will be a day
When things are much brighter: it is now on the way

So let me sit here beside you; let me cry when you cry
Let me hear all those heartaches you've been keeping inside
I know  it won't stop anything but it will show you I'm here
Feeling all of your sorrows and the knowing all of your fear..

Monday, July 21, 2014

The secrets of the silence...

The secrets of the silence only silent souls can hear
Noisy-ness and action can often cloud the atmosphere
There's need for certain stillness and a quietness of time
To touch the heights of Heaven with our frail human mind...

So often we are so busy and we're running here and there
We're taken up in the whirlwinds that won't lead us anywhere
So we have this certain urgency about doing this or that
Without ever really knowing where  our  priorities should be at.

So take some time each morning or in the crispness of the night
To ponder over your doings and the things you think are right
And hold them all up to the  brightness of Eternity's lasting glow
And ask the Giving Spirit for the ability to think and know...

Sunday, July 20, 2014

There is so much unreality

There is so much unreality
Parading through the world we see
People trying and trying to be
Something that isn't a reality

While All of us are  so created
By the Eternal One who's waited
For our soul's awakening so outdated
But many of us have hesitated

Propaganda and worldly galore
Have filled our hearts with need for more
Though there isn't any mall or store
That has what we are looking for

We search and search in time and place
Not knowing we are moved by grace
To seek the Eternal and not the race
That calls us into such maddening craze

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Unique: through and through

You can be you and I will be me
This is what makes us so human you see
No molds to be fitting in:  we are not stone
Each one has uniqueness: something to own

Some will be bigger and others so small
Some will have everything or nothing at all
Some  will be educated and others will  not
Diversity / unity: something untaught?

Smile at this randomness everywhere around
No two are  identical:  no true twin is found
Each person and creature  and element too
Was made an original: unique through and through

Thursday, July 17, 2014

It isn't enough to...

It isn't enough to say "amen"
or to dress up in your Sunday's very best
It isn't enough to bow to the east
or wear a thousand chains across your breast
There's something more you could be doing...
something more you could show around:
A kindness that is so full of love
and a heart ever willing to be sought and found

Sometimes we can all get caught up inside
with the shine and show of things outside
But it is the glow of the Eternal One
that will help move the emotions others hide
So let us all always strive to be.
wherever we may be going: whether: here or there:
A shining light; a beacon of hope;
a person whose willing to love and share.

It isn't always the loudest one
or the noisiest preacher who comes across the screen
That can change the heart or soul inside
but the person with love: if you know what I mean
For despite the preaching and the propaganda galore
there's still a large amount of war and  hate
It's not the preaching or  the booklets galore;
 that will move our hearts before it's too late...

We need love...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Moment of Grace

There is a healing in the air that swirls around us to and fro
It whispers wholeness, life and hope: some wheres we can go..
From the Heavens, the Almighty Height, the angel bands will come
Carrying ointment and the maps for those who are wanting some

See the rush of glowing ones as they are bending Heavens place
To allow the flow of sacredness and to fill our hearts with grace
The peace and calmness of that place will take over all we are
If we are willing to let it in: we'll sparkle brighter than a star.

O see the moments as they come with silence:  their guarding one
Without a word or trumpet blast they''ll whisper what God has done
All of the wonder of the world and all of the greatness of God's love
Are united inside of this unique encounter with the Eternal Above

Monday, July 14, 2014

Every molecule and every atom is an ambassador passing through

Breathe in all of the Sacredness that is totally surrounding you
Every molecule and every atom is an ambassador passing through
Carrying the breath of Eternity for each and every soul
Exhale all that is hindering you from reaching your true goal...

The sprinkling of the morning dew is giving the world a shine
While early streams of burning sun is touching your heart and mine
The universe is waking up and is slowly beginning to rise
How beautiful the emerging sounds from the earth and skies..

Do not be a stranger to all the created world around you
So much can be gathered up from observing where you're passing through
The plantlets and the mighty oaks, the land and the roaring sea
All have a mysterious message that they're sending  you and me..

Saturday, July 12, 2014

All that I'm needing has been given to me ....

All that I'm needing has been given to me
Though I may not be living in the greatest luxury
A roof and some clothing and some air to breathe
These gifts I have been given and  gladly receive

A few friends and some creatures give joy to my day
The beautiful universe has so very much to say
Good weather and the elements and the blessings galore
I have all that I'm needing: who could be asking for more

Clean water that is carrying the breath of God's love
Is echoing a wisdom that is flowing  from above
White clouds, that are puffy and the dark ones with rain
Reminds me that there will be healing and there will be pain

Every one of the minutes of every one of my days
Carries to me a clear reason for my heart to give praise
To the Omnipotent and The Eternal and Creator of all
I give praise and acknowledgement each time I recall..

Friday, July 11, 2014

Rain is in the forecast

The storm clouds keep on lingering they cover up the sun
Rain is in the forecast and it'll pour when day is done
It's not  a very bad thing: this weather for our day
Showers bring us the rainbows and the flowers for our way

The rumbling of the thunder  frightens us with its sound
It's only a clash of nebulous as they're shifting all around
Though the winds are frightening and can disorganize our air
Warnings will sound out loudly and we can properly prepare

After a lively shower everything will glow and shine
There'll be a certain freshness and everything will be alive
Though this passing tempest may have caused a little fright
The beautiful-ness that follows will be such a great delight

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Squirrels in the morning

Gentle creatures quiet ones
Squirrels run and have their fun
Nibbling quickly jumping high
See them reaching for the sky

Early morning bright and clear
Squirrels scamper far and near
Playfully chasing quick or slow
Friendly beings: this I know.....

They're so anxious for their meal
They'll come closer it's surreal
Braving nature and their fear
Piles of birdseed draw them near

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Be who you are: inside and out

Let out all of your brokenness don't keep it all inside
Break open that place of secret-ness be who you are outside
The world is needing reality and not a great facade
That promises wealth and happiness apart from the truth of God.

 Everything that you are inside is who you are meant to be
Don't blush beneath your awkwardness or deny your history
The lessons of your journeying can help another to see
Share out the light inside of you; uncover your tapestry

The beauty of your person-hood: the uniqueness of who you are
Is like a ray of hopefulness; you're like a shining star..
There's nothing inside your inner being; nothing inside your soul
That speaks to you of nothingness you're wired for an Eternal Goal

Monday, July 7, 2014

The heart is calling

Look at the beauty in everything that's around you
See all the blessings: they continue  to come through
The soundings of creatures and the whispering of the plants
Are always inviting us into the spirit and the dance..

Touch with your senses the secrets of the universe
See with your mind's eye the angelics as they rehearse
Only the open ones and the ones  willing to hear
Can savor the sweetness of the Heavenly atmosphere..

Oh can you not hear it the echoing within you
The ancients are calling and the Infinite One is too
Soften your footsteps and quiet your thinking
The spirit will lift you from where you are sinking

Sunday, July 6, 2014

There is a chapel that's always open

There is a chapel that's always open
A place where love is always spoken
It is not inside a man made shrine
That the Spirit of God will always dine..

Those walls will fall and so will man
But the love of God will always stand
Without the need for brick or rule
The Almighty will hold the saint and fool.

It isn't about the shouts and prayers
That makes a church or the sacred airs
But is the Spirit of the Lord Most High
That will bless each place and Sanctify..

In the tiniest creatures and in the great
The Almighty Eternal will designate
A place of meeting and a place divine
The heart alone will become His Shrine

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Oh the melodies of the morning...

Oh the melodies of the morning and the symphony outside
Any one is able to hear them  and no one will be denied
The twittering of the winged ones and the smiling of the sun
Announces the day is broken and is welcoming everyone

To see the softest of sparkles and taste the morning dew
The spirit of the Living One must be deep inside of you
The flittering and the fluttering of the worldly restless one
Will never allow you to notice  the wonders Eternity's begun...

Oh hear them as they're singing the many insects in parade
The early sun has touched them, their gratitude is not delayed..
The squirrels, they are so happy and they freely will jump and play
They're eager for this brand new morning and for this brand new day..

The waving trees and branches and the swaying blades of grass
Give a silent sounding welcome from their flowing spiritual mass
It's only with all of thus  universe and with  the Eternity  above
That we can truly appreciate and learn to live our lives in love..

Friday, July 4, 2014

No one is whole....

Look at me: I'm not so perfect; but I can continue to do my thing
I fall, I smile, I laugh and I cry and will even find time to sing
It isn't important that I'm not "all that"; oh no, it isn't at all
What is important is that I  keep getting up - each time that I might fall.

You see me smiling and so full of cheer and think I must have it made
But what you're missing is what's inside: the hurts I haven't yet displayed
I keep them all hidden and out of sight but they're so much a part of me
The things I do and understand are coming from such a  history...

Each one of us; yes, you and I and all of the many people here or there
Have a side that everyone can see and one which they'll never share...
So it's so important to be so sensitive and to find it in our heart to always be
The person who's not going to judge or point whenever there is  frailty...

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

You have touched me, O Lord

I'm not a prisoner who is bound up inside of some empty cell
But I am your child, Lord; and with You I am doing so well
Though, I cannot see You;  Your voice is ever echoing within
You are my Savior and You have been with me through thick and thin

You have touched me O Lord inside the most broken parts of me
And have enlightened me:  giving me something more to see
You have healed me and brought me out of the scariest places
I am so grateful and will forever sing of Your redeeming graces

When I was frightened and didn't know where I could turn to
Your Heavenly angels were whispering and leading me closer to You
And though I couldn't understand it: You were pulling me through my fears
Calling me gently; and navigating me through my hardest  years

You have touched me O Lord inside the most broken parts of me
And have enlightened me: giving me something more to see
You have healed me and brought me out of the scariest places
I am so grateful and will forever sing of Your redeeming graces

In every one of my moments: yes,  in the good ones and in the bad
Your Divine providence was always providing me with the things I had
And though I wasn't ever  wealthy I had always enough to make it through
My whole life is now a Thank You for everything You say and do...

You have touched me O Lord, inside the most broken parts of me
And have enlightened me: giving me something more to see
You have healed me and brought me out of the scariest places
I am so grateful and will forever sing of Your redeeming graces

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I can still taste the blood

I can still taste the blood that oozed from my  lips
And still see the scars that cried from my hips
Because of the lashes that would land without  care
Opening up my fragility with a cruelty unfair...

To the school yard I would scamper behind older sis
Rushing off and afraid because  mom was in a hiss
Never was there a morning we didn't have to run
Because mom was always angry and hitting someone

Keeping it all  silent was always such a task
A smile was a challenge;  like wearing a  mask
That hid all of  the brokenness and hid all of the pain
My body would always quiver when the last school bell rang