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Monday, June 16, 2014

You're invited ,,,,

The night time has had her own melody
Her stars were all out here for us to see
The dawn is now coming out: on her way
Announcing the sweetest  dawning of day

The birds are all singing a joyful praise
While flowers are swaying in so many ways
Trees are all stretching out:  here and there
Squirrels are gathering around everywhere

The clouds are all  uniting with their creativity:
Making themselves into such a masterpiece
The whispering winds with their gusts so high
Are all challenging the clouds and the passerby

The creatures much smaller than you and I
Are planning their travel from morn to nigh
Minerals and plant-lets are transmitting a  word
In the depths of our spirits these things are heard.

Haven't you something you can say right here:
Noticed a melody in  the atmosphere?
If you were invited  into this song so plain
What collection of visions would you  campaign?

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