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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

You never invited me

You never invited me to any celebrations with you
You ignored me; disregarded me: my whole life through
Should I ever  imagine that you really do care:
When all of my life time you've never been there..?

I had kept all of my silences for so many of my years
In order that I might spare you from any more tears
Yet in all of your goings and your comings around
You never ever once invited me: no inviting was found.

Yes you  knew all of my strugglings and  my goings without
The brokenness I had experienced never needed a shout
Yet in all of your smugness and your greatness sublime
You had never ever reached out to me or given me a dime

The secrets once hidden will  come out like a parade
The silences unspoken  will be  revelations displayed
Through the pages that are turning and in many other ways
I will speak of this little one who was once so afraid....

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