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Sunday, June 22, 2014

You don't have to break open your check book

The world is so full of people
who are broken and are needing care
You wouldn't have to cross an ocean:
 they're around you everywhere
A moment of your tender kindness
or a welcoming "how are you"
Is the most precious form of offering,
anyone can say or do.

You don't have to break open your check book
or exhaust your savings my dear:
To reach out and help one or another:
you need only to draw them near
Be willing and ready to share some of your moments
of your  many hour-ed day
And if going out shopping already:
why not invite the car-less along the way...

It isn't impossible to be loving
and it sure isn't impossible to care
But the commodity of our moments
is something we are so hesitant to share
We have so many things we'd rather be doing
and so many more movies to see
But taking the time out to be helpful
is always some kind of difficulty

Oh can't we all be a little more loving
and can't we all be a little more love
For those who are feeling down under
and for the many: others are not thinking of
We have so much going in our favor
that we can spare some of the blessings dear.
If you are truly a believer of the dear Jesus
lets see some of that Christianity come out right here..

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