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Saturday, June 7, 2014

This music keeps sounding

This music keeps sounding inside of my heart
It's echoing and playing and won't ever depart
It's moving and inspiring every hour of my day
I can't keep from singing or feeling its sway

Its uttering its peacefulness awakening each day
Speaking of dance moves and  freedom's new way
Evoking, inviting and instilling a  rule:
"Let go of your worrying: enlist in my school..

I'll teach you great freedoms; you won't have a test
The lessons so simple will bring you great rest
Studying and textbooks will be  out of line
Universal harmonizations the tasks I'll assign..."

Move on now from  dreaming and from all of your sleep
The morning is awaiting you,  the dew longs  to seep
Open your mind space and let out that dear child
Still lurking inside you with the calm and the wild...

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