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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

These nightmares

The nightmares they follow me reminding me of what use to be
They sound out without warning and take me into their captivity
Painting in me their visions of the fearful places I have been
You tell me not to worry: such things wont  happen to me again.

The flashbacks of New Jersey they keep on creeping into my day
They whisper and then they shout out: "remember that most painful way"
Just a sheet set in the Walmart could serve to bring me back again
To that trauma that heartache where everything is broken down within.

The water that is running can be so soothing  to so many ears
But the water in my trauma is  anything but a healer for my fears
A nice cup of coffee is fine as long as I'm not inside a coffee shop
A moment near starbucks will send my heart racing without desire to stop

You see me, I'm smiling, but deep down I'm still a mass of wounded-ness
I'm healing it's certain but flashbacks keep coming on without notice
Be patient and understanding towards anyone you may meet along your way
You never know what stories or heartaches have created their day

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