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Friday, June 20, 2014

The reality of God

I feel the gentle touch of God
in the softly blowing breeze
His voice I hear in the subtle wind
that whispers through the trees
The greatness of His Majesty
extends beyond the sea
And yet it is through simplicity
that He reveals Himself to me.

In the tiniest little seedling
that is emerging from the ground
An echo of God’s providence
can be said to sweetly sound
And in the fallen acorn
that is quickly trod by passerby
Can be see the path to new life
Though everything must die

I try to see  God's beauty
In everything that's around
For in everything created
God’s fingerprint is found.
And when ever I am uncertain
and don’t know how I  should start
I go into that  most secret place
that is hidden in my heart..

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