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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Oh, the wonderful viewing

Oh the wonderful viewing outside of my window today:
The squirrels and the rabbits and the birds are  at play
Sharing  so willingly: these creatures of every kind
Are pecking through the seed stash to see what they can find.

How peacefully the wind blows throughout the trees today
Whispering out the secrets of the Eternal One's way
Hear it as its moving now through the branches calm and still
The love of God can be felt here: it is speaking to our will..

Silence now your being and be you motionless for a while
Let the wisdom of the universe invade your busy style
How carefully it is moving now and  how soothing it is to see:
The soul is lost in wondering and the spirit is in ecstasy

How often we are missing it:  this panoramic display
All around us is so much wonder so much beauty for our way
But we haven't begun to comprehend it: to savor all we see
The world around us is mysterious but it is also a remedy.

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