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Monday, June 23, 2014

Let there be....

Let there be a kindness and a caring and  an everything that is good
Let there be a willingness and a sharing and an acting like we should
Enough with all of  that fussing-ness and that thinking that we should fight
Let there be a humility and a listening and everything will turn out right.

Let there be an acceptance and a diversity and an ending to all of our war
Let the be an openness and an honesty and equal portioning of earth's store
Enough with all of that pettiness and that stuff that will poison our  time
Let us all be a unity and a blessedness and an incentive for beautiful rhyme

Let there be an understanding  and a moment an a pausing inside our day
Let there be a wisdom and a mystery and an opening our heart to pray
Enough with all of that quabbling about the beliefs of one or the other
Let there be an embracing and a reconciling for we are all sister and brother

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