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Monday, June 9, 2014

If only for a moment...

Lo, it is morning and it is daybreak
and all around us the sounds are sounding
The trees are singing,  the flowers are dancing
and all of the universe is grounding
Oh can't you see them and can't you hear them:
all the creative ones are at their play?
There's so much beauty and so much wonderment;
so must mystery at the start of  day...

Slow your pace down and stop to ponder it:
all of the creativity that's all around you
Creative masterpieces and unequaled artwork:
just oozing out and poking through
Sensational uttering and  unstoppable movements:
are whispering through every wind and breeze
Oh try to capture them, and try to wrestle them
The secret moments echoing from  the plants and trees..

Mystical happenings and magical musings
Are embedded in every moment that is passing by
Hear them within you and hear them outside you
Secretive soundings in the universe's waking sigh
Oh the happiest moments  and the greatest discovery
Are awaiting our attentiveness and our searching eye
If only for a moment or even a couple of minutes
This beneficial pausing will be so good for you and I

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