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Monday, June 30, 2014

I kept it all silent year after year...

Did you ever know how much I cried
And were you aware of how hard I tried
To keep my sanity  in such a  place
Where abusive words were mixed with grace

The alleluias, they  would always resound
From every one of us around and around
Yet away from the churches and  the pews
We were badly wounded and so abused...

I kept it all silent year after year
Because of the teachings I used to hear
Suffering and sainthood were such a pair
To speak of a heartache : I wouldn't dare!!

Now I'm a grownup and I'm finally all free
From the chains the old religion had imposed  on me
Making my healing a more certain thing
Erasing old  memories and removing the sting..

Sunday, June 29, 2014

I hear Him.....

I hear Him in my spirit, this Spirit of our Lord
He's whispering in my being and inspiring  my word
He's echoing  in my moments and brightening up my way
The Beloved is my Savior and He's always in my day

Through my every struggle and through the darkest night
These ever glowing spirits are directing my steps aright
Talking within my silence  and leading my heart with care
The angels are my warriors and  protectors of my prayer

Bonded by the  Eternal and united through Him as one
Everything we've been doing is affecting everyone
We who are all so different are all similar in this way
The Almighty has given us being and has given us today...

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Let it last...

Quietly the morning is crawling into my space
Tiny bands of daylight are dancing upon my face
Sweet sounding songbirds are singing out their tune:
Stormy weather's a-coming, it'll be thundering soon

See the sky, all trembly, as it is turning grey
Breezes are all whispering: clouds have lots to say
Somber shades and colors give warnings we can't hear
Thunder storms and lightning are slowly drawing near

Scampering squirrels are playing without a single care
Soon the flowing raindrops will be falling everywhere
Continuing with their movements and dancing through grass
Creatures and tiny insects are making ever moment  last..

Friday, June 27, 2014

Flowing waters from the sky...

Flowing waters from the sky
Bouncing off of you and I
Creating diamonds in our eyes
Tiny tear drops from the skies.

Sprinkling showers here and there
Moisturizing all of our air
Pitter-pattering all around:
Soothing, healing, creative sound.

All the powerful-ness of rain:
Easing, curing, relieving pain
Falling  gently and all around
In it collections of hope  is found

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

We're creating a dark energy...

Soft is the whisper through all of the breezes
Its uttering a  hope and a cure for our disease
A changing of fragrances and a stop of those rushes
Is the secret to healing with its twist and its touches

Enough of those chemicals. those toxins and such
The things  we keep on doing are hurting us too  much
The drinking and the smoking and those vapors escaping
Are atmospheric catastrophes in their silence incubating...

There's  need for more planning and thinking more green now
Its ever more urgent; yet we don't have the time somehow
We're abusing the gifted-ness of  the world  all around us
We're creating a dark energy that's fueling our need to fuss..

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

It's not the end of the world...

It's not the end of the world, though it may look like it is
There's something more a-coming: something much better than this
It may seem to be so very disheartening; this thing you can't escape
But your ship will soon be arriving it's just a tiny bit  late

Don't be giving into those feelings of: "everything's going all wrong"
Though the grey skies may be lingering; they won't be for very long
The challenges of this moment may seem to be too hard for you to bare
But you're not in this flying solo; you have your angels everywhere..

Don't listen to all of those naysayers those backbiters of your day
You don't have to become a statistic or be governed by what "they say"
You're such a beautiful being and a masterpiece:  one of a kind
Take hold of everything within you and keep guard of your precious mind.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Let there be....

Let there be a kindness and a caring and  an everything that is good
Let there be a willingness and a sharing and an acting like we should
Enough with all of  that fussing-ness and that thinking that we should fight
Let there be a humility and a listening and everything will turn out right.

Let there be an acceptance and a diversity and an ending to all of our war
Let the be an openness and an honesty and equal portioning of earth's store
Enough with all of that pettiness and that stuff that will poison our  time
Let us all be a unity and a blessedness and an incentive for beautiful rhyme

Let there be an understanding  and a moment an a pausing inside our day
Let there be a wisdom and a mystery and an opening our heart to pray
Enough with all of that quabbling about the beliefs of one or the other
Let there be an embracing and a reconciling for we are all sister and brother

Sunday, June 22, 2014

You don't have to break open your check book

The world is so full of people
who are broken and are needing care
You wouldn't have to cross an ocean:
 they're around you everywhere
A moment of your tender kindness
or a welcoming "how are you"
Is the most precious form of offering,
anyone can say or do.

You don't have to break open your check book
or exhaust your savings my dear:
To reach out and help one or another:
you need only to draw them near
Be willing and ready to share some of your moments
of your  many hour-ed day
And if going out shopping already:
why not invite the car-less along the way...

It isn't impossible to be loving
and it sure isn't impossible to care
But the commodity of our moments
is something we are so hesitant to share
We have so many things we'd rather be doing
and so many more movies to see
But taking the time out to be helpful
is always some kind of difficulty

Oh can't we all be a little more loving
and can't we all be a little more love
For those who are feeling down under
and for the many: others are not thinking of
We have so much going in our favor
that we can spare some of the blessings dear.
If you are truly a believer of the dear Jesus
lets see some of that Christianity come out right here..

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Grey skies are lingering

Grey skies are lingering and the rain wants to fall
Flowers are thirsty and the plants start to call
For rain drops and showers and a moistening for all
Hush now and listen to the storm clouds that brawl

Glistening with a sweetness and smiling with joy
Thirsty lands are waiting for the showers to deploy
A rumbling of thunder and then a flashing of light
Lets out the first sequence with rhythm and might

Happy birds are fluttering and the ants are on parade
Despite all of the noisy-ness in the heavens displayed
The rain clouds are God-sends and the thunder clouds too
So we must stop doing all  of the things that we  do

Friday, June 20, 2014

The reality of God

I feel the gentle touch of God
in the softly blowing breeze
His voice I hear in the subtle wind
that whispers through the trees
The greatness of His Majesty
extends beyond the sea
And yet it is through simplicity
that He reveals Himself to me.

In the tiniest little seedling
that is emerging from the ground
An echo of God’s providence
can be said to sweetly sound
And in the fallen acorn
that is quickly trod by passerby
Can be see the path to new life
Though everything must die

I try to see  God's beauty
In everything that's around
For in everything created
God’s fingerprint is found.
And when ever I am uncertain
and don’t know how I  should start
I go into that  most secret place
that is hidden in my heart..

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Teardrops from the Heavens...

There is a broken being who has been weeping bitter tears
She had been holding on to a hopeful-ness for so many many years
And now it seems so hopeless: all  this love that made her glad
Angels are holding the pieces of that relationship she had..

Teardrops from the Heavens are falling down upon the plain
Countless flowers are being watered by some broken spirit's pain
A hundred thousand angels with their vigils plead and pray
That this broken hearted person will find happiness today..

A child is hopelessly sobbing; he has to walk to school alone..
Violence and endless shouting has been happening inside his home
His demeanor is one of hopelessness  and his little heart is sore
If only he could find a peaceful space ..he can't stand it any more..

Teardrops from the Heavens are falling down upon the plain
Countless flowers are being watered by some broken spirit's pain
A hundred thousand angels with their vigils plead and pray
That this broken hearted person will find happiness today..

The elderly and the aged ones who aren't able to be in their home
Have been waiting for someone to tell them that don't have to stay alone
But the minutes keep on turning  and  the  hours become so many days
Isn't this such a saddening sight ..they are lost in a hopeless gaze..

Teardrops from the Heavens are falling down upon the plain
Countless flowers are being watered by a broken spirit's pain
A hundred thousand angels with their vigils plead and pray
That these broken hearted people will find happiness today..

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

In everything created...

The music keeps on sounding; it is echoing all around
In everything that is created a symphony can be found
Though noises can quickly drown it; it will not cease to be
Can you not begin to hear it: this very  peaceful melody.

The flowers they are singing. They are waving to and fro
The rhythm of their movements is inviting us to their show...
So quietly they are swaying and are sending us their song
Oh, listen to those wind streams : so much they're carring along...

The butterflies that are fluttering and the squirrels in the trees
Are singing of all of the wonderfulness and the endless ecstasies
Contained in every moment and in every second of every day
We have only to quiet our spirits to hear the secrets along our way.

Monday, June 16, 2014

You're invited ,,,,

The night time has had her own melody
Her stars were all out here for us to see
The dawn is now coming out: on her way
Announcing the sweetest  dawning of day

The birds are all singing a joyful praise
While flowers are swaying in so many ways
Trees are all stretching out:  here and there
Squirrels are gathering around everywhere

The clouds are all  uniting with their creativity:
Making themselves into such a masterpiece
The whispering winds with their gusts so high
Are all challenging the clouds and the passerby

The creatures much smaller than you and I
Are planning their travel from morn to nigh
Minerals and plant-lets are transmitting a  word
In the depths of our spirits these things are heard.

Haven't you something you can say right here:
Noticed a melody in  the atmosphere?
If you were invited  into this song so plain
What collection of visions would you  campaign?

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Breathe in all the unity

Good morning dearest creatures good morning skies above
Your melodies keep on sounding keep on echoing eternal love
How lovely it is to see you and how wonderful it is to know
That each and every creature is helping the universe grow

The soundings of the morning are like none other here on earth
A grand array of chirping accompanies the insects moving dirt
Bursts of tiny sunbeams filtering through the stretching trees
Bounces all of the created ones and creates wonderful soliloquies

The energies and the auras that are encircling everyone here
Have such a moving influence over our cosmic atmosphere
Though many may not understand this,  the truth is ever clear:
Peacefulness is being  destroyed by our wars and acts of fear....

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Peace and love

I heard the wind as she was singing
Peaceful notes that hope was bringing
She sang of love and alterations
So badly needed across our nations

Peace and love and great acceptance
Should replace our need for vengeance
Love alone will melt this hardness
Emerging from the chill of darkness

Everyone of us is sister and brother
To the earth and to one another
There isn't need for all this fighting
For these wars and  this backbiting

Peace and love and great acceptance
Should replace our need for vengeance
Love alone will melt this hardness
Emerging from the chill of darkness

Mother earth she has been weeping
Over the hatreds that keep on creeping
Vibrant warriors with wrong intentions
Disturb the peaceful with their dimensions..

Peace and love and great acceptance
Should replace our need for vengeance
Love alone will melt  this hardness
Emerging from the chill of darkness

Oh my sisters and oh my brothers
Let us resolve to embrace all others
With love and caring and unending kindness
Let us be  free now from our blindness

Peace and love and great acceptance
Should replace our need for vengeance
Love alone will melt this hardness
Emerging from the chill of darkness

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

These nightmares

The nightmares they follow me reminding me of what use to be
They sound out without warning and take me into their captivity
Painting in me their visions of the fearful places I have been
You tell me not to worry: such things wont  happen to me again.

The flashbacks of New Jersey they keep on creeping into my day
They whisper and then they shout out: "remember that most painful way"
Just a sheet set in the Walmart could serve to bring me back again
To that trauma that heartache where everything is broken down within.

The water that is running can be so soothing  to so many ears
But the water in my trauma is  anything but a healer for my fears
A nice cup of coffee is fine as long as I'm not inside a coffee shop
A moment near starbucks will send my heart racing without desire to stop

You see me, I'm smiling, but deep down I'm still a mass of wounded-ness
I'm healing it's certain but flashbacks keep coming on without notice
Be patient and understanding towards anyone you may meet along your way
You never know what stories or heartaches have created their day

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

You never invited me

You never invited me to any celebrations with you
You ignored me; disregarded me: my whole life through
Should I ever  imagine that you really do care:
When all of my life time you've never been there..?

I had kept all of my silences for so many of my years
In order that I might spare you from any more tears
Yet in all of your goings and your comings around
You never ever once invited me: no inviting was found.

Yes you  knew all of my strugglings and  my goings without
The brokenness I had experienced never needed a shout
Yet in all of your smugness and your greatness sublime
You had never ever reached out to me or given me a dime

The secrets once hidden will  come out like a parade
The silences unspoken  will be  revelations displayed
Through the pages that are turning and in many other ways
I will speak of this little one who was once so afraid....

Monday, June 9, 2014

If only for a moment...

Lo, it is morning and it is daybreak
and all around us the sounds are sounding
The trees are singing,  the flowers are dancing
and all of the universe is grounding
Oh can't you see them and can't you hear them:
all the creative ones are at their play?
There's so much beauty and so much wonderment;
so must mystery at the start of  day...

Slow your pace down and stop to ponder it:
all of the creativity that's all around you
Creative masterpieces and unequaled artwork:
just oozing out and poking through
Sensational uttering and  unstoppable movements:
are whispering through every wind and breeze
Oh try to capture them, and try to wrestle them
The secret moments echoing from  the plants and trees..

Mystical happenings and magical musings
Are embedded in every moment that is passing by
Hear them within you and hear them outside you
Secretive soundings in the universe's waking sigh
Oh the happiest moments  and the greatest discovery
Are awaiting our attentiveness and our searching eye
If only for a moment or even a couple of minutes
This beneficial pausing will be so good for you and I

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Oh, the wonderful viewing

Oh the wonderful viewing outside of my window today:
The squirrels and the rabbits and the birds are  at play
Sharing  so willingly: these creatures of every kind
Are pecking through the seed stash to see what they can find.

How peacefully the wind blows throughout the trees today
Whispering out the secrets of the Eternal One's way
Hear it as its moving now through the branches calm and still
The love of God can be felt here: it is speaking to our will..

Silence now your being and be you motionless for a while
Let the wisdom of the universe invade your busy style
How carefully it is moving now and  how soothing it is to see:
The soul is lost in wondering and the spirit is in ecstasy

How often we are missing it:  this panoramic display
All around us is so much wonder so much beauty for our way
But we haven't begun to comprehend it: to savor all we see
The world around us is mysterious but it is also a remedy.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

This music keeps sounding

This music keeps sounding inside of my heart
It's echoing and playing and won't ever depart
It's moving and inspiring every hour of my day
I can't keep from singing or feeling its sway

Its uttering its peacefulness awakening each day
Speaking of dance moves and  freedom's new way
Evoking, inviting and instilling a  rule:
"Let go of your worrying: enlist in my school..

I'll teach you great freedoms; you won't have a test
The lessons so simple will bring you great rest
Studying and textbooks will be  out of line
Universal harmonizations the tasks I'll assign..."

Move on now from  dreaming and from all of your sleep
The morning is awaiting you,  the dew longs  to seep
Open your mind space and let out that dear child
Still lurking inside you with the calm and the wild...

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Oh what are we doing now?

Tears from the Heavens and grief from the sky
Eternity is weeping and is letting out her sigh
Oh what are we  doing now and what is this plight?
Instead of enlightenment we're choosing the night?

Cries form the universe and an uttering  from earth:
Children of the Creative One  are resisting rebirth
Embracing  the negatives and dismissing the light
Earth souls are heading out without seeing or sight

Oh, soften the soundings and silence the noises
Listen intently to the sound of your own voices:
"We're busy and we're buying; we're hustling without end":
Can we not see the pattern of this self destructive trend

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Open your mind space...

Open your mind space and open up your being
To all that the universe would wish you would  be seeing
Listen inside of you and listen outside of you
So much that you are needing is waiting to come on through...

O miraculous meeting and most wonderful union
The heavens and the earth space is  now in communion
No appearance of the cathedrals or the towering temples
The worship of creation is a little less eventful

No passing of the collections or fees for your entering
All of you are invited into this magnificent surrendering
How harmonic the melodies and how peaceful the healing
You're stepping into a dimension of The Omnipresent Revealing.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

One family..

I now have this enormous family
But none of them are living here with me
I can fully understand and see
My relationship with all of humanity

I do not look out and see them  there
But I see sisters and brothers everywhere
No matter what color may be their skin
Or the financial status they be in..

There is truly this undeniable link
That disables my ability to think
Of the others as apart from me
For we are all of us are but one family...

Monday, June 2, 2014

The brightest star

Filtering through the branches of the gently swaying trees
A golden stream of sunlight speaks of things nobody sees
Without the need for whispering and without the use of words
The warming touch of sunshine is the delight of all the birds

You can hear it within your spirit and you can see it with your eyes
The beauty of all the created ones touching the earth and skies
With the appearance of a glowing globe and the touch of burning heat
The morning star of every day is something we're wanting to meet.

Painting us ever so brightly and illuminating the entire sky
The glowing shine of morning skies is awakening you and I
Speaking to us within our homes and warming us along the way
The brightest star of the universe is giving us our brand new  day...

Sunday, June 1, 2014

My confessoin

I have heard the sound of the  willow weeping
And I have seen the sight of the spiders creeping
I have touched the glow of the rainbow sparkling
And I'm  in need of hearing the wild wolf  barking

It wouldn't be  too much to make my heart happy
For I am not in need of those outfits so snappy
Those  mansions of grandeur and pots filled with gold
I would  trade them all in for the visions that unfold

I'm not like a preacher for the churches or temples
I haven't any degree which will promise my credentials
But I have in my spirit the one spirit of all love
That moves me to whisper the secrets from above..