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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Wouldn't you like to experience it...

Oh, the sounding of the silence: how loudly does it call.
It errupts inside my busy-ness and allows the peace to fall
Like the sounding of the river waves: so flowing and ever free
The silence is my resting place and it tells me who I can be..

Moving through the moments of time and jumping through the trees
The silence appears inside the space where imagination sees
The secret wisdom of all times and the rhythm of the blessed.
Oh the treasures of the quiet-ness: it is such a sweet arrest

Wouldn't you like to taste the time that can captivate the heart?
It'll hold you within its sweet embrace and set your soul apart
From all of the hustles and bustles of life: the noiselessness of rhyme
Wouldn't you like to experience now? You have only to take the time..

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