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Monday, May 12, 2014

What would you say??

Have you ever heard that it is a kind thing to be loving
And there isn't really any need for anyone to be shoving
For there is space enough; yes there is space enough...

And have you heard that is a good thing to be a friend
to be that person upon whom others can always depend
Yes that is what it is to be a friend: to be a very good friend

Have you seen that there is out there a bright blue sky
And its always there:  stretching out there for you and  I
Have you ever noticed it, have you ever noticed it?

Have you taken the time to smell all the flowers of the field
What a beautiful sight to see what aromas they  will yield.
They are there for us, yes they are there for us...

And if I would ask you if you would have any time
To help me add some verses to this. my simple rhyme
What would you say, yes tell me what would you say?

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