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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Touch now, all of that radiance...

Touch now, all of that radiance; that is opening up this brand new day.
Listen, to all of the flowers; they have so much they're wanting to say.
Sing, with all of the creatures, as they're starting to sing their song;
And hear the heart of the universe keeping beat with us all day long

See now, that swirling wind streams: how they are hiding from you and I ?
Reach up and catch the cloud puffs that are filling up our morning sky
Sense inside you, all of those energies, that are all moving us with time;
And allow yourself such freedoms that will burst out with impromptu rhyme...

How then, will you be feeling: when you're shaking hands with mother earth?
And how is it your spirit will be singing when you witness each moments birth?
Capture it all, with all of your being, and with all of your senses deep within:
Embrace the mystery of the connections that the Eternal Creator made us in..

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