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Thursday, May 29, 2014

The earth is cring out

The earth is crying out, she is weeping from within her very core.
Hear her  as she is saying: "no more violence I am saying: no more"
But we keep on fighting and our warring never seems to have an end
Are we all forgetting that  each of us was created to be the others friend?

Can you not hear it: that peaceful outpouring of love that begins our day?
All of the creating beings are acknowledging it in their own way.
In  peace and in harmony they are singing their thanksgiving, side by side.
Oh let their flowing melody be the calming ointment for all forms of pride.

We are all related and in each if us there is but one life giving spirit of all
We may be moving separately but One Eternal Being gives us our  call
Breaking up that unity meant to keep our world in side a lasting peace
Will prove to be most toxic and bring everyone to some painful realities.

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