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Monday, May 12, 2014

Tapping into the universe

I sit here breathing deeply and taking in all the air.
Listening to all of creation, has left me quite aware
Of  the many opportunities that there are just for me
To tap into the universe's uniqueness and its immensity.

Something about the soundings, that are echoing all around:
Tells me of all the beauties, that are waiting to be found.
If I, with all of my activities and my worries of the day,
Would take the time to notice them: how colorful would be my way

So I'm resolving to take the moments and resolving to be still
Long enough to hear these murmurings: these inspirers of my will
I will let in all of the universe and I will let in all of the sound
That are carrying the Creator's secrets and are inviting me to be found..

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