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Friday, May 16, 2014

She was just a girl...

Tears were rolling down her face
Filled with memories of a place
If only they had loved her more
She'd have the love she's looking for

But she was just a girl in time
Beaten down and  lost in rhyme
Too many sorrows she had known
Unloved by those who were her own

Family and friends they didn't know..
All the things that hurt her so
For her silence way was long:
Was she broken or was she strong?

Now they stand in shock and awe
Over things they never saw
Hush my dearest hush they say
The past is past put that away

So she's wanting now to heal
But they call her words unreal
Fantasies and childish mares
Made up lies and evil snares..

Would you keep her in this hurt
Turn your back and  call her dirt
Would you continue again and again
Denying her truths so deep within

1 comment:

  1. She's broken but she's strong. The Creator hears her silence and holds her truth with a sacred love that no man can change.That's the love, that's the power. It will vindicate and validate the hurt and all the pain this little girl experienced. Jesus loves her this I know.


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